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 Beaver Tail Tray Bodies

Beaver Tail Tray

  1. Floor Frame: Heavy duty channel main runners fitted with 75mm x 40mm channel cross bearers fitted at 400mm apart.

  2. Floor sheeting : 5mm checker plate floor.

  3. Tie down points : Key holes or 100 x 100 square hole with bar to suit machine.

  4. Beaver tail : To suit your machine with solid square bars on beaver angle to stop slippage.

  5. Ramps : There is array of ramps from , Manual Aluminium to Hydraulic split or one piece bi-folds .

  6. Side Coamings: To suit your machine needs , Large Heavy duty RSJ sections or large Flats.

  7. Head Board: H frame or pipe head board to suit carrying supplies or safety light bars.

  8. Tool box’s : 1200 x 500 x 500 with drop chains & stainless steel lock and powder coated black.

  9. Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards from steel to large plastic, reflectors & marker plates.

  10. Lighting Hella : Led front clearance, & side clearance lamps 3 per side and 2 red rear clearance lamps.

  11. Painting: Prime over all steel work , sealed and painted in 2 pack white and under body black with grey decks , painting can be done in company colours with logo’s.

  Optional Extras:

  1. Hydraulic ramps : Single one piece ramp,  bi-fold large ramp or 2 single ramps.

  2. Hydraulic winch : 8000 to 10,000 lb with cable and lead rollers.

  3. Tow Bars, Tool boxes, Load binders ,Water wash bottles, Chassis extensions , Cab paints.

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