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  12-14 Klauer  Street,

Seaford, Victoria  3198

EST 1988

         Front Wall: 150mm Engineered front wall which meets all load restraint requirements, fitted with heavy duty aluminium

         ( Structure Flex ) tensioners.

  1. Rear Frame: Channel uprights fitted with dock rubbers & under run bar.

  2. Roof Section: All aluminium structured double track to accommodate sliding gates if required. Aluminium roof bows with a

          bonded prestressed  1 piece aluminium roof skin, keeping body weight to a minimum, for maximum payload.

  1. Safety OHS: Side non slip safety footsteps fitted to each corner. Safety handles fitted to the front and rear.

  2. Floor Frame: 100mm x 50mm main runners fitted with 75mm x 50mm RHS cross bearers at 400mm apart.

  3. Rear Doors: Double rear FRP panel doors, 4 hinges with 1 heavy duty large camlock per door.

  4. Floor and coaming:  Checker plate floor with 100mm x 45mm RSJ coamings and 20mm lip above the floor sheet.

  5. Curtains: Easy slide curtain system 980 gram polymer, with double roller system with quick release stainless steel buckles at 600mm apart;

          all straps are fitted with plastic coated hooks. 1 sliding removable centre post fitted to each side.

  1. Gates: Light weight lift-out gates 1500mm high.

  2. Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

  3. Lighting: Halogen work lamps, Hella LED clearance lamps fitted, top - front, rear, side, and blinker.

Optional Extras:

  1. Curtains: Load rated curtains at 1500kg per pallet space No gates required.

  2. Rear tensioners :  Rear curtain tensioners (structure flex).

  3. Load Restraint: Sliding load binders in track.

  4. Gates:  Sliding gates suspended by single chain in lieu of lift-out gates.

  5. Floor:  5mm Checker plate floor.

  6. Mezzanine decks:  Mezzanine floor with see through floors  (2 sections ) & and load binders to suit.

  7. Safety: Reversing camera system 130mm colour monitor.

  8. Storage: Steel under chassis tool box.

  9. Nose-cone: Fibreglass flush mounted.

  10. Tailgate Lifters, Tow Bars.

  11. Curtain Imaging, graphic designs, cab recolour. 

 Ausliner the Curtain Siders
Beverage Body Restrainer SiderBeverage_Body_Restrainer_Sider.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Curtainsiders manufactured in all types and sizes to suit your needs. We manufacture Curtain siders for many different industries including plant nurseries, courier companies and dry goods transport companies. Unique one hand roller bearing curtain system with stainless steel buckles and plastic coated hooks. Mezzane floors are fully removable and adjustable. Ausliner Curtainsiders are custom built to all your requirements. Some of our specifications are.


Optional Double rear cam locks

Truck Fuel scoop and combined Nose cone

Under slung tool boxes all powder coated with chains on lids

Our standard roof construction consists of  all aluminium structure double track to accommodate sliding gates if needed along with aluminium roof bows with bonded pre-stressed one piece aluminium roof skin

Sliding gate system with double rollers and chain

Rear structure Flex Tensioner

Cross sectional view of roof of truck with double palmet rubbers with gate and curtain rollers

Roller for sliding gates

Rollers for curtains

single or double palmet rubbers for standard or insulated curtain siders