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 Maxi Light Van
  1. Front wall and Side walls: 21mm Maxi light panel white in color with 300mm gal kick panel.

  2. Rear frame : 50mm uprights fitted with dock rubber & under run bar or step

  3. Rear: Pillars are fitted with hand safety rail each side of door way

  4. Rear Doors: Double rear panel doors fitted with seals, 4 hinges and 1 heavy duty large camlock per door fitted with turn signs and door catches.

  5. Roof section: Aluminum roof bows fitted with pre-stressed 1 piece aluminum roof skin, Aluminum extrusions polished, external bottom, top and front rails fitted with heavy duty polished aluminum cast corner caps.

  6. Floor frame: 100mm x 50mm channel main runners fitted with 75mm x 50mm RHS cross bearers fitted at 400mm apart.

  7. Floor sheeting : 3mm or 5mm Checker plate , or timber .

  8. Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

  9. Lighting : Work lamp Halogen 55 watt fitted at rear back corner , switch in rear Number plate panel or optional to have in body.

  10. L.E.D: 3 side clearance lamps fitted, 2 front top corner clearance lamps, 2 rear top red clearance lamps.

  Optional Extras:

  1. Floor: 5mm steel checker plate, 19mm Tongue and groove hardwood, 18mm Hypo-grip timber.

  2. Side Doors: Single door 900mm wide, single or double pallet width side door 1370mm wide.

  3. Rear Doors: Triple rear doors with 1 cam lock per door, Toddco roller door, Aluminium flat slat roller door, Zinc roller door.

  4. Nose Cone: Fibreglass flush mounted.

  5. Walk Board: 2400mm slide out walk board stored under the floor.

  6. Tail Board: Full width walk board with spring and chains.

  7. Load restraint: Shoring track and bars.

  8. Tailgate Loaders: Full range of tail lifts to suit your requirements.

  9. Storage: A range of tool boxes to suit your requirements.

  10. Body Imaging with your Company name or Logo.