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 Truck Car Carriers
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3 Car Carriers

Floor frame: Heavy duty main runners fitted with 75mm x 50mm RHS cross bearers fitted at 400mm apart with 3mm checker plate floor.

• Side coamings: 100mm x 50mm channel fitted flush with floor sheet .

• Rear: To suit small fifth wheel or Bartlett Ball with air brakes to rear.

• Rear: Of trailer is a semi circular shape to suit trailer , ( no ramps needed )

• Steps: Safety side steps with non slip foot hold at each corner where possible.

• Head board: Shaped frame head board set 50mm above cab

• Tie downs: TNT type floor quicklash system.

• Tool box: 900 x 400 x 400 with drop chains & stainless steel lock and painted black.

• Floor boxes: 2 in floor at front to store straps.

• Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

• Lighting: LED front clearance, & side clearance lamps 3 per side and 2 red rear clearance lamps.

• Painting: 2 pack white and under body black.


       Beaver Tail Trailer:


             Front of trailer is semi circular shape to suit tray , ( no ramps needed )

  1.    Heavy duty fabricated chassis beams.

  2.   “A” frame draw bar, to suit slide plate, complete with 16mm safety chains.

  3.    2 wind down landing legs fitted to main rails.

  4.    Drum brake, grease filled axle on air suspension.

  5.    Air weigh gauge.

  6.    215/75R 17.5” Bridgestone tyres fitted to 6.50 x 17.5” 8 stud steel rims.

  7.    100 x 50 channel side coaming fitted flush with 3mm checker plate floor and TNT quick lash.

  8.    TNT quick lash system.

  9.    900mm long toolbox c/w stainless steel “T” lock.

  10.    Rear fitted with under run bumper.

  11.    All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

  12.    L.E.D.  tail lights, front clearance & side clearance lamps 4 per side , and blinker to suit States regs.

  13.    Painting: 2 pack white.

  14.   2 hydraulic or manual slide out ramps fitted to rear behind light panel.

3 Car carrier with radius design for easier loading.