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 Tray Bodies
  1. Floor Frame: Heavy duty main runners fitted with 75mm x 50mm RHS cross bearers fitted at 400mm apart.

  2. Floor sheeting : 3mm or 5mm Checker plate.

  3. Side Coamings: 100 x 45mm RSJ fitted 20mm lip above floor sheet and sweep out rear.

  4. Head Board: Heavy duty H frame head board set 50mm above cab. 600mm checker plate lower infill.

  5. Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

  6. Lighting: Led front clearance, & side clearance lamps 3 per side and 2 red rear clearance lamps.

  7. Painting: 2 pack white and under body black.


Optional Extras:

  1. Head Board: Pipe head board set 50mm above cab. 600mm checker plate lower infill.

  2. H-Racks: Removable solid mounted H racks, 1 centre and 1 rear with storage at front inside floor.

  3. Drop Sides: Split 300mm drop sides and anti loose fasteners with removable centre post.

  4. Gates: Side and rear lift out gate to suit height of head board.

  5. Tool box: 1200 x 500 x 500 with drop chains & stainless steel lock and painted black.

  6. Load Binders: Sliding binders in track with 9mtr straps fitted to passenger side.

  7. Roof bows: To suit if fitting tarp.

  8. Floor: Choice of 5mm Checker plate, 28mm container hardwood, Tongue and groove hardwood.

  9. Twist Locks: Container twist locks with packer blocks to suit.

  10. Tow bars , Tailgate loaders, Cranes.