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 Tub Tippers
  1. Floor Frame: 125mm x 65mm Channel main runners.

  2. Head Board: Solid to Tub.

  3. Floor: 5mm Flat sheet floor.

  4. Tail Gate: 2 or 3 way gate (with air opening)

  5. Rear Panel: Short to suit rear lamps with mesh protection.

  6. Hydraulics: Single, Twin under body or Well mounted ram with PTO with electric switches in cab.

  7. Safety: Under body Safety prop with hose burst valve.

  8. L.E.D: 2 side clearance lamps fitted 2 front top corner clearance lamps, 2 rear top red clearance lamps.

  9. Mudguards: All compulsory mud guards, reflectors & marker plates.

  Optional Extras:

  1. Storage: A range of tool / storage boxes to your requirements.

  2. Tow Bars, Brake controllers, Voltage reducers.

  3. Tarp systems. Manual or motorised load covers.

  4. Safety: Flashing Beacons, Sign Boards, Arrow Boards.

  5. All Council specifications and requirements.

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